LEG N-24 & LEG-A25 newest upgrade software has Auto Biss function,you can use the box to open Biss channel.

LEG N-24 060718

LEG A-25 SONY new 201806132224


Use LEG N-24 & LEG- A25 to open BISS Channel, there are two ways

→1. Link LEG N-24 & LEG- A25 to the network, use LEG N-24 & LEG- A25 Auto Biss Function.

Just connect your LEG N-24 OR LEG- A25 box with internet, when watch Biss channels will automatically send data to server and server calculate out cw return to box to descrambler that BISS channel; (no need manually input biss key)

→2.Use LEG N-24 OR LEG- A25 box+DVBFinder APK Biss key QR code scan function.


when LEG receiver did not connect internet, if biss channel not open will pop up QR code, use Androd mobile phone “DVBFinder” apk scan the QR code will get biss key, input the biss key will open channel.

(1)Use LEG N-24 OR LEG- A25 to search satellite program (Include Biss channel) that you want to watch.
Choose to watch BISS Channel, for BISS channel, in the channel information bar, will display a “Bis” character

(2) Wait a moment, the screen will pop up a QR code.

(3)Run “DVBFinder.apk” on your Android mobile phone, Scan this QR code.(Make sure your mobile phone is connected to the network)
You can go to the

legelectronics softwares

area to download DVBFinder.apk, then install to your Mobile phone.The download address is: DVBFinder

(4)Wait a moment, DVBFinder.apk will get the Biss key from the server side , and displayed on the screen.

Press OK button on the remote control, the “KeyBoard” window will pop up. To enter the BISS key that you get from DVBFinder.apk, then move the cursor to “Enter” to save and exit.

The BISS channel will open,you can enjoy it now.

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